Mikes Revenge

Today we talk with, Mikes Revenge. 

Mikes Revenge is a trap duo hailing from Atlanta, GA. The two creatives who make up this duo are Reveng Sairany and Michael Donahue, and we were given the opportunity to have some quality time with them and get to pick their brains. 

How Do you feel about the stigma that the EDM Community is Over-saturated?

We personally feel that it is not over-saturated, when you consider how long EDM has been listened to by the masses, then you realize that it’s still a fairly new community in the States. When more and more people join a community it also helps create new ideas and sounds which is beneficial to the community as a whole.

What made you want to become not only DJ’s, but a group?

We were originally teammates on our club soccer team in High School so we have been friends for quite some time, but once we reached college and started being around each other regularly and dove more deeply into our music tastes we both came to the conclusion that if we work together anything we put our mind to is possible.

When did you first begin making music?

Mike started back when he was really young on Garageband just making simple beats, being musically trained on the drums has really helped guide our production. Rev on the other hand started producing once Mikes Revenge started.

Where does your passion for music come from?

Both of us grew up listening to a variety of music, Mike loved rock growing up which helps bring the heavy influence to our tracks, and Rev was born in the middle east which helps bring that middle eastern vibe to our tracks.

What other artist do you look up to?

Mayhem, Herobust, 12th Planet, Borgore, Excision, Krewella, HxV. We really respect all of these talented artists and everything they do for the community.

Do you have a favorite performance memory? What made it so memorable?

I wouldn’t say that we have a specific one, because they are each special in their own way for our path. One that comes to mind is our first gig at Kingdom Rave in ATL at the Metroplex. It was our first show together and we really didn’t know what to expect. We showed up to a line wrapped around the building and everyone slipping on the ice. We stepped inside and prepped for our opening set in the foyer, little did we know that none of the other stages were open so everyone rushed to our stage and it was packed, and to top it all off the dj after us didn’t bring his necessary cords so we ended up playing and 2 and a half hour extended set to a wall to wall packed crowd.

How do you overcome setbacks?

We see it as motivation to go ever harder, everyone falls down, but all that matters is what happens when you get back up.

Do you have any news for your fans? Upcoming releases or shows?

We have a brand new track dropping on 1/24 with the legendary Dubstep vocalist Mag Mag, as well as a couple major collabs, ontop of doing some official remixes for some of our favorite hip hop songs. The vibes that each song will bring are completely different but we are excited to give our fans some variety. Also, we just announced a show at District nightclub in Atlanta, doing support for Conrank and Jessica Audiffred on 1/17. Expect some festivals and out of state shows in the future.

Wow, you guys have some really awesome things coming up, I’m sure your fans are going to be thrilled with all of the upcoming events! Now that we’ve learned more about you two more on a career level, let’s take a few minutes to meet you guys on a personal level!

It’s an off day, What is Mike’s Revenge doing for fun?

Smoking weed, hiking up stone mountain.

That sounds like a fun day! We’ll have to join you guys sometime.

If you had to pick 3 headliners for a festival who would they be?

12th Planet, Porter Robinson, Zeds Dead

What a lineup, that’s definitely a festival I wouldn’t miss!! 

You guys are DJing a bar, you have to pick on early 2000’s song to get everyone on the dance floor, what are you playing?

Anything by Missy Elliot. 

Gotta get those people to flip it and reverse it. 

You can find Mikes Revenge here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikesrevenge1/ 

Twitter: @MikesRevengeATL

Instagram: @mikesrevenge

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mikesrevenge

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5U7vdjIncOZrkHmJYfCQGI

Interview by: Elissa Vassar

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