Today we talk with Archmage.

After completing an epic 12 chapter bass saga, producer/ DJ Archmage talks about what inspires him and what to expect next from the Dark Lord of Bass.

How did you come up with the name Archmage and what about it is significant to your brand? 

I’m a long time fan of the fantasy genre, including Lord of the Rings, The Dark Tower, Harry Potter, and the Elder Scrolls games, as well as a former Dungeons & Dragons player.  In fantasy lore, an Archmage is typically the “top dog” mage or wizard, and a highly respected mentor to younger mages. My brand centers around fantasy and all kinds of magic, including the magic that’s all around us in our everyday lives. I like to promote this magic in a positive way and influence others towards a positive lifestyle.

Is the Dark Lord an alter ego of Archmage or are they one in the same?

It’s basically one in the same.  I started using that term about 2 years ago to make my brand more inclusive and accessible to people who may not be knowledgeable in fantasy lore and the meaning of what an “Archmage” is.

You’ve been producing for a while now, but what was the catalyst for your progression from DJ to Producer?

It was actually the opposite, I started producing first, then later got into DJing.  My first few years as a bass artist, I didn’t care too much about DJing and I used it simply as a means to perform my music in a user friendly and inclusive way to be quite honest.  It wasn’t until about two and a half years ago that I really got in to DJ culture and fully appreciated it. I took vinyl lessons from the home girl Miss Evaded, and honestly it’s enhanced my live performance and DJ skills exponentially, making me feel confident both in the studio and on the stage.

You spent the better half of 2019 completing an epic 12 chapter base saga and titled the “Dark Lord‘s Collection”… What inspired you to do this and what story does it tell?

I grew up listening to a lot of power metal and progressive metal/rock, and I LOVED the idea of concept albums.  The ones that got me hooked were Dream Theater – Metropolis Pt II – Scenes From a Memory, Rhapsody – Symphony of Enchanted Lands Vol. 1 & 2, Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime, Pink Floyd – The Wall, The Mars Volta – Frances the Mute, and anything by Coheed & Cambria.  The world of EDM and bass music has a few themed albums out there, like Nero’s “Welcome Reality” and Porter Robinson’s “Worlds,” but nobody in bass music has ever done a full concept album front to back telling a story. So I wanted to write a twelve-chapter story, releasing a new chapter every few months over the course of 3 years to kind of give the listener/reader a similar experience to those who wait on new chapters in the manga and graphic novel fandom.  The Dark Lord’s Collection Vol. 1 tells an epic, Lord of the Rings-style story based in the land of Delthor, and follows a warrior descended from angels in his quest to liberate Delthor and purge the land of the Darkness inflicted by the story’s antagonist. You can read each chapter on SoundCloud in web browser under every track, giving the listener a very unique experience. The fact that it’s titled Vol. 1 also implies that there may be more stories to tell in the future…

What’s next from the Dark Lord of Bass(Upcoming Releases)?

I’m currently working on a VIP of my latest Wicked Records single “Creation,” as well as Dragon Ball-themed tearout tune, all to be released soon.  Also, you can definitely expect an EP from me this year.

Who are your top three favorite producers in EDM music right now? Big or small, local or global?

In terms of the big dogs, I like Virtual Riot, PhaseOne, and Must Die!. They’ve done a lot for modern sound design and bass composition, but really I listen to mostly a TON of underground bass tunes.  I do a lot of digging.

In your opinion what are the best playlists for finding new and heavy bass music?

I’m very old school when it comes to finding new music, as I don’t even have a normal Spotify account yet!


I do have an artist account though! But I spend a lot of time in DJ pools, Beatport charts and Soundcloud charts.  I discover a lot of new music on SoundCloud thanks to their algorithms recommending stuff I usually end up enjoying!

What festivals are shows in Atlanta are you looking forward to going to or are playing in 2020?

I’m really looking forward to my first time at Lost Lands! I’ll also be going to Lights in The Forest Festival in Charleston, SC as well as Bigfoot Electro in Tracy, TN.

How much bass could the Dark Lord mage if the Dark Lord could mage bass?

I can, and the answer is 19.  If you know The Dark Tower, you know.  The wheel of Ka turns…

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while performing?

It’s a 3 way tie between transitioning to a tune that I accidentally left the high pass filter on turned all the way up, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on for like 20 seconds, the time two of my exes almost got into a physical altercation during one of my sets, and this one time when I was performing at Opera Nightclub back in 2014 when I had to pee uncontrollably… I had quite a few beers before hitting the stage and halfway through my set, I really had to go.  I mean REALLY had to go. I started to think, “Okay Andy, what are we gonna do? I have these empty beer bottles next to me, maybe I can pee in them and nobody would notice? Nah, I have too much pee inside me, a single bottle won’t be able to hold it all, and I won’t be able to stop the stream to switch bottles. I guess I could wet my pants, and nobody would notice until later, but I don’t want to be forever known as the DJ who wet himself at Opera.” The only bathroom I knew of was on the other side of the venue. I was able to find a six minute melodic dubstep tune(Thanks Au5!), and as soon as I mixed it in, I ran off the stage, made it to the restroom on the other side of the venue, and made it back with just enough time to smoothly transition into the next tune.

Talk about an adrenaline rush, haha!

You can find DJ Archmage here: 


Twitter- @Archmage_music

IG- @archmage_music



Interview By: Liz Taylor Castro

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