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Uk’s heavy weight chop genius and founder of Monsters Dubstep Crew, DJ Shiverz blew Atlanta away with his Shut Down & Shell Tour on January 18th at the Wish Lounge, at Believe Music Hall. After giving a group of ATL’s finest one of the most influencing pep talks in the greenroom, Shiverz absolutely murdered the crowd, giving us one of the heaviest and intimate riddim & dubstep experiences in a long, long time. Of course, We just had to reach out and pick his brain, and share with our readers what an absolute force of positivity the international sensation DABUTCHER really is…

You recently visited Atlanta for the first time, first of all, what took you so long? Second of all, how did you like it?

Ok 1st of all its not my fault that it has taken me that long to come to Atlanta but I’m sure it was worth the wait, and it was my pleasure to shell down the Believe Music Hall for the ATL gang

What do you enjoy most about being a musician? What do you hate about it?  

What do I enjoy. I enjoy making people lose their mind, meeting the fans that follow, like, and share whatever I post but what I hate most about it is just traveling, and them annoying leakers and the fake producers that can’t make anything if there own.

What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever made, and why?

The best song I’ve ever made would have to be semtex with my brother AD or there’s Face It with Bukez or Shelling on Sight with on Obey I like all 3 to be honest, so I couldn’t tell you.

You mentioned you’ve been in the industry for 18 years, what’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned to date?

The most valuable lesson is to be real with yourself always analyze yourself every month have a tight circle, and make sure the people you have around you are on the same mission as you. We’re all trying to get to the same place but others will get there before others, but that’s okay, you will soon get there even if it takes a little time but you will get there. If you’re willing to put that hard work and dedication in to see results and TRUST ME I KNOW. There will be times on your journey when you feel like you want to give up and when that time comes it’s all up to you and you have 2 choices:

 1. Chase that dream

 2. Give up 

there’s never a 3rd option.

How has advancement in music technology affected the industry in your opinion?

Well, I’m from the era of mixing vinyls, and back in them days I had to save up my lunch money for the week just to be able to buy 1 vinyl. Now we have cdjs and all we need to do is just turn up with flash drives, and that’s all not like the old days when you would have to bring your box of vinyls. So the kids that are becoming DJ’s now I bet most of them couldn’t mix on vinyl decks REAL TALK!!! Technology is changing and we have to keep moving with the time…

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

The festival underworld

What’s your ideal lineup? Who would you like to share the stage with?

There’s a few still:

Funtcase b2b Shiverz

Monsters vs Savages

Shiverz b2b Subtronics

Monsters vs Crowsnest

Teambutcher vs Bloodthinnerz

Shiverz b2b 12th Planet Round 2

I could go on for days

You’re known as a positive influence and mentor to a lot of people. What advice would you like to give to up and coming artists?


Set a path and stay on that path but along the way you will get 1 or 2 pagans that will try everything in their power to fuck your shit up. The ones that moan and bitch online are the ones to watch out for and people that bring that bad energy around you is just not needed at all. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do shit because you can become whatever you want if you put the time, hard work and dedication. Nobody was a big name overnight it takes time. Just think before you make it, you will go through about 8 or 10 years of grinding before getting notice.

Who is the greatest dubstep producer of all time?

I don’t have a favourite there’s too many names to pick from for real but if we’re talking dubstep I’d have to say:





And riddim:




Them Aussie boys



Smal b

One thing that I’ve noticed organically and online is people shaming DJs that don’t produce as much or produce at all and a refusal of booking DJs who aren’t well known producers. What are your opinions about the producer vs DJ controversy? Should a producer be given priority over a DJ to play on stage even if said DJ is a better DJ and performer?

Okay so about 6 years ago I was told I wouldn’t last long just being a dj and tried telling me that I need to make music. Okay, 6 years have passed and I’m at the top of my craft still just being a DJ killing every show that I’ve done and I’m still here and that my point proven I only have a few tunes under my name and there all collaboration or features here’s the list…

Semtex – AD & Shiverz

I Started – NMO & Shiverz

Certain Man – Poklpyz & Shiverz

Face It – bukez & Shiverz

For Real – Sh?m & Shiverz

Enough of Your Talk – London Nebel x redax ft shiverz

Proceed With Caution – Excision x Dion Timmer ft Shiverz

Do you have any news or upcoming releases you’d like to share with your fans?  

Yes I’m currently working on 2 projects as we speak one is called Face It, part 2 of my 1st ep that came out on Monsters Music

And the 2nd has no name yet, but it’s coming along nicely so far I’m happy with it just a few more things then we’ll see if it needs more work or not, but I have things lined up and stuff’s coming soon be patient with me please.


I’ll be coming back to Atlanta very soon the vibe and energy you guys have is unreal I fully felt like I was at home so crazy 

Love n bless,
Mr shut down
Shellyann shiverz
Shiverz dabutcher
Sir shellington
Photo Credit: Jordan Williams | Shivers @ Wish Lounge, Believe Music Hall , Atlanta

You can find Shiverz here:



USE CODE  atl10shiverz FOR 10% OFF GA & VIP TICKETS!


Interview by: Liz Taylor Castro

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