Today we talk with DRINKURWATER.

In this interview we speak with a very hydrated producer who has not only immersed himself in the world of EDM, but also made a name for himself in Hip-Hop, Kevin Flum. 

We know DRINKURWATER is Kevin Flum’s thirsty alter ego, how did that begin?

Basically, I started with hip hop and I really fell in love with EDM and producing. I was not forced, but I just felt it was a smart move to create an alter ego to do two separate types of music under so I wouldn’t confuse my already established fan base that knew me from my hip hop.

What inspired the name, DRINKURWATER? 

Well, I just used it. Stemming back from my high school days, I would always show up to school with those big, huge water jugs. Like, I was always the guy chugging water all the time for just no reason. I just really like water and being hydrated. Who doesn’t? But it ties into the rave scene. You know, it’s perfect because everyone needs to drink water in the rave scene. It was easy to brand, fun to brand, and I love water. 

Did you produce EDM before you launched DRINKURWATER? 

I did, but I wasn’t up to par. I had my own opinion, that I wasn’t on everyone else’s level yet which is why I just started DJing first. I was learning how to produce and learning my sound.

You taught yourself?

Yep. Also, I will credit my good friend Sunday Service, Taylor Ashworth. He mentored me a lot in production, because we used the same program.

You recently played EDC Orlando in 2019, what was the experience like that?

I honestly wasn’t expecting to get booked for EDC Orlando, So it was a complete just sideswipe of amazing emotions. And, you know, I played an early set, but I ended up having a really fat crowd at my early set. So I was really stoked on that.

You’re not originally from Atlanta, what brought you to our city? Where are you from? 

Born and raised in Germany, moved to the states in 2009 because of my dad’s job in the military. Spent four or five years in South Carolina, and I moved to Atlanta to get the music popping.

For EDM, Hip-Hop, or for both?

For both.

When did you start DRINKURWATER? 

Late 2017, I literally started the DRINKURWATER project when I moved here, in the same month. Iris was booking me as Kevin Flum back in those days, in 2016/2017,  I was playing as Kevin Flum, but it would say DJ set that’s when people were saying, “what are you? Are you a rapper or DJ?” So, that’s when DRINKURWATER started.

You recently played a 2-hour and 15 minute set at Believe Music Hall in Atlanta, what was that like?

Those are hard on the back, very hard on your back. They hurt, but it was awesome. Being that first door set, like the OPENING, opening set, you really create the whole vibe of the night. So there’s a lot of pressure at first, but it’s just another day on the job, you know. It’s just a long time. I feel like every DJ talks about them hating two hour sets, unless you’re a house DJ, because dubstep gets old after a while.

You mixed it up though, it wasn’t heavy the whole time!

Well, you know, my sets are usually house in the beginning or trap; I like to flow through it and keep the vibes different. I don’t like to go heavy the whole time. 

So how do you power through it then? Two hours is a long time to be standing and jumping around like you do!

Lots of stretching before the set, lots of stretching, gotta be limber. And I’m also gonna credit Yerba Mate, the energy tea for the extra energy, and lots of water.

Who is someone you’d like to collab with in the future?

Well, my biggest dream, people I look up to the most is, Slander. I would love to work with them one day. You know, they’re the boys, they show me a lot of support. Hopefully one day they reach out for a song. I really want to get one with 12th Planet, and Yakz. Those are collabs I’m kind of hoping for in the near future. I would say those are my goals right now, like what I’m trying to accomplish before next year.

What’s been the biggest motivation on your musical journey? 

Seeing my closest friends absolutely make it, travel the world, and tour. Just being close to people who have, you know, had their dreams come true. That that right there motivates me and just them giving me little pieces of advice and tips here and there: what to do, what not to do, stuff like that. That’s really been my motivation and my inspiration, obviously, from bigger DJ’s killing it too, but it hits different when it’s one of your best friends.

Not only do you produce as DRINKURWATER, you have your rap career as KFlum, how do you manage two completely different projects?

It’s nice to have both, for me, because let’s say I’m not feeling inspired with rap, which comes a lot because coming up with lyrics is very difficult sometimes, it’s nice to have both projects. I can just bounce to a whole different realm, a whole different world of sounds with EDM, and vice versa. If I’m not feeling the robot noises for hours, I just go and write some lyrics or make a hip-hop beat. So there’s always a different outlet for me to go to to put my creativity in. I’m never not creating something, it’s always either RAP or EDM.

Do you ever mix the projects together?

There is one out now that I produced my own hip hop beat for as DRINKURWATER, my song  Hydrated. I have a few other beats that I produced that I will be putting vocals on. So that’s probably as far as it’s going to go as far as intertwining the products. 

When did you start making music in general? How old were you? 

I was 13 years old when I first downloaded F.L. Studio, and you know, I obviously wasn’t good at first, but consistently stayed on it and stayed working every day, and I eventually started making rap beats.

Was there anybody who inspired you to get into music or are you just kind of picked it up one day? 

When I was in Germany, I knew in the future I was going to be moving to the states so I had to familiarize myself with the culture, and how everything works here. So, I really started listening to American music, and what really got me into hip hop was 50 Cent and Eminem, to be exact it was 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin album and then it was the 8 Mile movie. When I saw Eminem freestyle that’s where I was like, woah, I want to do that. I was like nine or ten years old.

All right, so what’s up next for Kflum? We hear you have a song coming out on Valentine’s Day? 

Yes, on Valentine’s Day I have a dope single coming out,  I’m working on a E.P. I was going to work on an album, but it’s just not time yet. .

Do you have a release date for your EP?

Not really, still working on it. I would say summer probably May or June. 

Do you have any other KFlum releases coming besides your EP?

I’ve got a few features. I’m doing another collab with SAYMYNAME, on the vocal side. 

Is KFlum ever featured on any EDM songs?

Yeah! I have the one with SAYMYNAME, Get on my level, which went crazy viral and has millions of views. I did work on Tchami’s label, Confession, I did a song with Loge 21. I did a song with ODEA on thrive records. I’ve worked with Minesweepa, I also have a song with Showtek, which is unreleased.

Why do you keep creating hip-hop music? 

I’ve gotten a lot of solidifying messages, that I’ve literally saved people’s lives with my lyrics. 

So, that alone makes me want to keep making it.

Do you have a favorite song that you’ve made? 

Probably,  On and On. It’s one of my more successful songs. But, it’s one of my favorites  because of the state I was in when I made it, and how good it felt to get it out. 

When was that released? 


So you were releasing hip hop before you moved to Atlanta?

First time I ever released music as KFlum was 2010, 10 years ago.

What was the first song you released?

Such a good question, the first successful song that I ever released was a song called Sharkeisha. 

Oh,  I remember that little girl 

That’s why I made it, because she was viral at the time and I made the song and the song went viral; just because the name of the song. That’s where I got my foot in the door, and then U MAD BRO? came after that.

Did you make the beats for those?

No, those were made by my homie,  Loud Beats.

What piece of advice would you give to a rising artist?

That’s a really good question, because a lot of people can bullshit this one. Genuinely, what I would tell someone who is getting into it now is this, You need to be yourself. You need to  already have a plan of what you’re going to get into. You can’t just jump into it blind, you’ve got to know what foundations you need to lay, you need to know what path you need to take, you need to study the game, you need to see what’s going on, who’s doing what already, and who’s doing good with that. It’s just not something anyone can just jump into.

What was the last song you sang in the shower?

Good question. 

Shower concerts happen in my life every day

I do them rarely, but I had one the other day and it was Chanel by Frank Ocean.

So you can never drink Fiji again, what’s next? 

Icelandic Glacier Water

If you weren’t making music, what would your next career choice be? What would pay the bills?

I’ve always wanted to be a pilot. Whether it was commercial or private, I just always had dreams of operating an airplane. I actually took flight training when I was in my teenage years. I had this really sophisticated game where everything was completely realistic and I literally learned everything there was to learn about airplanes. To this day, I’m still obsessed with airplanes. I know everything there is to know about every airplane. Like there’ll be a plane and I’m like “Oh, that’s a Boeing 737- 800! and people are like, “what? What’s wrong with you?” I just like planes. So, yeah, definitely flying around the world.

Any news for your fans on either project shows, releasest? 

Song release on the 14th of february for KFlum. For DRINKURWATER, I have basically an E.P. about to come out. I got a few collabs in the works so, yeah, just new music, lots of new music coming out soon. That’s what people have been really waiting on. 

You can find DRINKURWATER here:

You can find KFlum here:

Booking info: justin@motionprojects.io

Interview by: Elissa Vassar

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  1. I see you most weekends. I knew you were going places. I have a video of fire spinning on YouTube while you were playing. Your sister commented. ” That’s My MF Brother” . Anyway I’m glad you got some releases coming up. See you around. Maybe at laser assassins. After liquid stranger of course. Nice interview.

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