Laser Assassins

Masked madmen, Laser Assassins (LA), talk about what inspires them and their favorite things about performing. With secret collabs and new releases in the works, LA is on the rise in 2020. Catch them LIVE in Atlanta 2/15/2020 at Believe Music Hall!

What is your creative process like, in regards to producing music? 

Well there are a lot of variables that go into it of course, but usually it’s random inspiration. Usually set off by a funny sample idea or joke.

You describe Assassin Music Group as your “vanity label”; will it stay this way, or will you guys consider signing talent or tracks under the label in the future? 

We’re always interested in releasing on other labels, but for now as the project is coming into its own, having our own platform has allowed us an ease of release without the stress of constantly shopping in a vastly saturated market.

In the Laser Assassins bio, you mention that it’s “all about having fun and putting on a high energy show with our two favorite things Lasers and Bass.” What is your favorite song, personally, to perform? 

This is tough. We love all of the songs we perform really. That’s what allows us to constantly be involved with the show as a party. MUST DIE! has been on a nasty tear lately(read: always), but then again so has the entire NSD camp. Bro Safari’s tunes are always a favorite as well. We play such a wide variety of genres and tempos in our sets so it’s very difficult to pick just one.

Laser Assassins @ Believe Music Hall, Iris Presents: Candy Glow 2019 | Photo via @adamoliverofficial

Who would you most like to collaborate with on music that you haven’t worked with before? 

That would be anyone new with a fresh take and sound. We always love hearing new music and having new opportunities to work with anyone.

How many lasers do you use in a single performance, and what’s the most challenging part of the performance? 

This can vary to the size of the venue and show package booked. Anywhere from 4-6 to upwards of 16-30. We have quite an arsenal at our disposal. The most challenging part, if I had to say, would be the heavy lifting hah.

Can we expect any new bangers this year from Laser Assassins (releases, videos, collabs etc.)?  

Absolutely. Were always pressing to be on top of releasing content. Throughout the year.

(loaded question lol) Who has more lasers in their show, Laser Assassins or Excision? 

Well at this moment Excision just made a massive laser upgrade to his show, but let’s just say, if needed, we have plenty to be on par. 😉

We all know you’re extremely talented, but what is the most useless talent you have? 

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a useless talent these days. Anything can be admired by someone out there. Maybe that I can make a clown horn noise with my voice though.

Spotify shows that your top listeners come from Atlanta… and it’s no secret ATL loves LA. So what’s your favorite part about coming to ATL? 

Favorite part? All of Atlanta. For over a decade. From FUCK YESSS with Le Castle Vania, MUST DIE!, Oh Snap Kid!, and all of the iris family events. It’s the home away from home. 

You can find Laser Assassin on these major streaming platforms & networks!

Iris Presents: Candy Glow with Laser Assassins



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