Today we talk with Double Dare

An energetic duo who aims to combine music with comedy to keep us laughing and dancing. In this exclusive interview with Atlanta Family EDM Blake Webber and Matty Ghost talk about why they began creating music, upcoming releases, and more!

DOUBLE DARE is made up of Blake Webber & Matty Ghost, tell us a little about yourselves?

We are two weirdos who love dance music and love making people laugh! We both have a background in film making, Matty used to play drums in a hardcore band in high school and Blake was employee of the month at Olive Garden, twice!

Oh, Olive Garden breadsticks are my weakness.

What made you two want to form a duo?

We both like working with each other and we both bring different ideas and skills to the project. Matty loves the technical aspect of music production and Blake has an uncanny sense of the state of the EDM culture, and together we combine those forces to create dance music that is catchy, funny, and dope at the same time.

Why EDM?

Because it’s a culture that is fun, loving, and open to new ideas! What we aim to accomplish is to create music that makes people laugh and dance at the same time and when you boil it all down to brass nuts, EDM is a perfect outlet to make that happen!

I couldn’t agree more!

Your first EP, Now thats what I call an EP vol 1, was backed by several big names in the industry. How was that experience?

It felt really good to get love and support from artists we admire. It’s kind of shocking when you find out that someone you look up to likes your music and is willing to share it with their fans during shows!!

You’ve been on several line-ups with artists such as: Blunts&Blondes, Bear Grillz, and more! Do you have a favorite memory from any events you’ve played?

One memory that sticks out is during a show we played, we were debuting our Vitamin A song, which is about eating ass. Once the crowd realized what the song was about, during the second drop, a group of girls in the front row got on their knees behind their girl friends and started ramming their faces into the other girls’ butts and it was just magic to be honest.

Yeah, that would hold a place in my heart too.

What artist do you guys hope to collaborate with in the future?

For a question like this there’s just too many artists to list, but obviously it’s always dope to collaborate with any artist who understands our purpose which is to make people laugh and dance at the same time! 

We hear you have a pretty dope track coming out on MAD DECENT this month, how does that feel as artist? What can the fans expect from the track?

So our song is coming out on PizzaSlime Records which is a subsidiary of Mad Decent and it’s nothing short of a dream come true, especially considering it’s our first major dance label release, and to even be associated with Mad Decent is huuuugeeee for us! Fans can expect a really fun/funky song that provides both laughter and dancing!!! 

Your stage presence has been described as energetic, fresh, and just plain fun, how do you prepare for a show? What’s your inspiration? 

Show preparation always varies from gig to gig but it usually involves us putting together our favorite tracks at that particular time into a big playlist, building the best order for that particular show and finding the breaks within the set where we can play around with the audience and integrate them into the show!

You played EDC in 2018, what was that like? Do you have plans to play another EDC show?

EDC is the Super Bowl of EDM so it was beyond an incredible experience! The love and energy those crowds give is unparalleled!!! We do hope to play EDC again this year but we can’t officially announce anything as of yet!

Any news for your fans for 2020?

The big news is that we’re dropping our first track Vitamin A with our good friend Freak On, on Valentine’s Day with a really awesome music video directed by The Reggies! We have some other surprises planned for this year, but we can’t officially announce anything as of yet!

Well we can’t wait to hear about them!

When you’re not performing or making music, what does Double Dare like to do in their off time?

We both like to chill in our own way. Matty is quite the gamer and Blake loves playing golf!

You can find DOUBLE DARE here:

Here’s DOUBLE DARE & FREAK ON’S new song: Vitamin A

Thank you both so much for such great responses and for taking the time interviewing with me. Now that we’ve covered all things Double Dare, we’re gonna divulge into a special one on one with Blake Webber and learn more about his independent projects!

When you first began your rise to comedic fame, we knew you as Blake Vapes, how has the re-brand been as Blake Webber?

The re-brand has been awesome! At first it was really scary as I watched thousands of followers unfollow me because of their preconceived notion that I “sold out” but truthfully that version of Blake had peaked and I needed to break out of that shell and take on a new point of view in order to grow and build my fan base.

Your voiceovers on Instagram have gained a lot of attention, do you have a specific video that you enjoyed the most? 

The one that really stands out is the Alpacas getting scared as a turtle inches closer to their group. That video is titled BAD VIBES and Double Dare may or may not be making a song out of the dialogue from that video…

Oh snap!

You once played competitive hockey, what made you want to switch to comedy and music?

Hockey was my entire life until the age of 15, and I was more or less forced to quit because of an injury I sustained to my eye. From there it was golf and then when I graduated high school, I fell in love with standup comedy and chose to pursue that. Music came much later when I went to my first rave and I was like, wow it would be cool to be a part of this community AND HERE WE ARE!

Your podcast, #KillinIt, with Steve From Highschool is recorded live on your YouTube channel, what made you want to start?  

The podcast #KILLINIT for myself and Steve is really just an outlet for us to talk shit with our friends and help connect with fans who want to reach out to us directly. It also gives us a platform to inspire people and deliver a good message that can’t be delivered as well in short form content.

What advice do you have for anyone who hopes to get into comedy or music?

My best advice is really just don’t quit. If you really want something don’t stop until you have it! There will be ups and downs, but if you can sustain then you will succeed!

You can find Blake Webber here:

DOUBLE DARE: Blake Webber & Matty Ghost

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