Big Chocolate

Multi Instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and engineer, Cameron “Big Chocolate” Argon, is nothing short of talented; but there’s more to this producer than jorts, milk, and sidewalks. We got a chance to pick his brain about his creative process, his inspirations, riding bikes badly, and more. From beginning to end, Argon gives us the most brutally honest answers about himself and his music, leaving us on edge waiting for his next release. Grab a glass of milk for this one…

Your latest release was “Motorcycle Sidewalk” on Real Rain Records. How did you feel it was received by your fans?

Honestly, I was pretty underwhelmed by the entire process of that album. Not my favorite times. To be honest, I almost didn’t release, and to be extra honest with you: they are all tracks that I made years prior when I was pretty isolated. Some of those tracks are older than tracks from The Beauty Of The Bird. Almost didn’t release it. Released it because I knew some people might enjoy it, but it’s totally not the direction I’m heading in. Worst part about the release for me is it doesn’t properly reflect how I feel, but at the time I was making some of those tracks I wasn’t really feeling anything, so there’s that. This artist stuff has ups and downs and it’s not a sprint. Sometimes one has to find their way back on course, the important part is to never stop moving forward no matter what your obstacle is.

What was the most important song to you on that album?

I really love Prosperity. Got a great mix and master. 

14tracks is a lot for a bass music album, what made you decide to pick that many tracks?

I was making a ton of tracks. I would also tag this album with experimental in some ways so with that tag I feel like many tracks flys. 

You’re well known for being a multi genre artist, leaning more towards heavier styles of music, with deep roots in metal; how would describe the evolution of your music to where it is now, and what direction do you feel it going next ?

Long story short: this is true. I feel my productions going back this direction, but sticking true to my signature sound. Production wise harder for sure. DJ wise: really depends on the club. 

What inspires you lately?

Disciple Records. Riddim. Modern Dubstep. Disco. Tech house. Living in Austin. Being around my friends. Getting good sleep. Knowing when to get out of the studio. Feeling good about myself. Also DJing really inspires me too.

Are there any collaborative projects you’re currently working on? 

Got a track 145 dubstep track with P0gman in the works. Got a 175bpm track with Really Confused as well. Couple other things I need to see some more movement on before I comment.

Do you have any upcoming releases? If so, then what can we expect in regards to tone?

Finishing the mix downs for my next EP. Tone wise it sounds very Big Chocolate. Dubstep is the tone, but the tempo is a bit higher. The room size for the tracks could be anywhere from small clubs to outdoor.  Dance floor oriented productions and mixing.

Can we expect a Big Chocolate tour in 2020, &/ or festivals we can catch you at?

I’m sure you can expect Big Chocolate somewhere in 2020. I just got a new Agent so we are developing our plans now. 

With the recent rise in popularity of “headbanging” & heavy bass music, we’re seeing more metal/dubstep/ heavy bass fusion type tracks & artists pop up everywhere; Who are some of your favorite artists right now? Who we should be watching, and why?

You know I’m just kind of getting into this heavy bass stuff which is funny. When this stuff was rising I wasn’t really feeling it and was getting more into drum and bass / deep dubstep. I would say some of the dope things I’ve found recently to be Aweminus, Infekt, and Ace Aura. Space laces. I feel like you should be watching these people…. Aweminus has this really brutal tone for tastefully brutal EDM, also has some really tasteful dnb… Infekt just has this simple touch about it which I really enjoy out of him. Ace Aura has this melodic harmonic richness which gives his music a nice emotional drive while still keeping it sounding like modern dancefloor dubstep.

We’re totally stoked to get weird with you on Feb 15th, and you always play a hell of a show when you come to Atlanta; what’s your favorite thing about coming here, and your least favorite thing too?

I’m always excited to play in Atlanta. I love the crowds and the vibe of the city in general. I am always excited during my durations in ATL.  Honest don’t have a least favorite thing to do yet!

The world wants to know, will we ever see another metal album from you?

Yes! Just released Katapillar under my Disfiguring The Goddess name. Long Live Disfiguring The Goddess.

So, can you ride a motorcycle, or nah?

I can ride a dirt bike.  Not well either.

Okay I know I said 10-12 questions, but I have looked everywhere for “Real Rain Records” and I can’t find anything but soundscapes and meditation music, so now I must know the answer… What, who, and where is Real Rain Records?

It’s a name I made to release music under both Big Chocolate and Disfiguring The Goddess. The line comes from Taxi driver. ” Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.”

The real rain is coming.

You can find Cameron’s EDM project Big Chocolate these places:

For the the metal heads and long time fans, check out the latest album by Disfiguring The Goddess here:

Catch Big Chocolate LIVE this Saturday 2/15

Get your Tickets for Candy Glow HERE!

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