DJ House Blend

Today we talk with DJ House Blend

Today we were given the opportunity to speak with Blend Sairany, DJ House Blend, a prolific producer and multi-faceted DJ. This year Blend is looking forward to curating his own events and growing his brand. In today’s interview we discuss his background, the tech-house scene, and his overall passion for music.

What sparked the idea for your name, and why did you choose it? 

Not many people know this but my real name is actually Blend. I was born in the Kurdish region of North Iraq and moved to Atlanta as a refugee. I have always been a fan of House music and when I started mixing (“blending”) I thought “House Blend” was pretty clever. 

Do you feel working with a collective is better when trying to build up your brand as a DJ, compared to doing things solo? 

This really depends on the people you surround yourself with. I started working with Groove On Atl (@groove_on_atl) last year and it’s definitely made things easier as far as organizing events/promoting. I do believe that you can be successful on your own but having a collective group of artists can make things more fun.   

Do you think the Tech-House scene in Atlanta has more room to grow and develop? 

I believe that the scene is definitely growing. The venues in Atlanta have started bringing more Tech House artists and this has definitely helped the scene grow. For the longest time venues would only ask me to play top 40 or festival EDM. House and Techno has been underground for a long time and it’s nice to see venues supporting that sound. 

 The more diversity the better I think!

With so many genres under the EDM umbrella why did you choose to dabble in House / Tech-House? 

I used to listen to 90’s House and Techno music when I was really young. My older brother had these old CDs from a friend and I would listen to Daft Punk, Mylo, Junior Jack, SNAP!, and Felix Da Housecat. I started producing House Music after I got to see Felix Da Housecat perform live in Playa Del Carmen back in 2016. That set was truly inspiring. 

The very first 4/4 House Sessions at Believe Music Hall happened this month. How was that experience for you?

The first house sessions went very well. Eddie Gold had invited me and Kofla to play and we made things happen. It was my first time performing at the same venue as my brother (Reveng) who was performing upstairs. Overall the experience was amazing. We got to play our sound and had the crowd movin’ and groovin. Excited to see what the future holds with Iris Presents.

I’m looking forward to the next 4/4 house sessions at Believe! 

Out of all your travels what have been your favorite countries or states to visit? 

I really enjoyed Amsterdam. The House and Techno scene there is insane. I felt right at home when I went to Club Shelter and De Marktkantine. I also enjoyed visiting Tokyo. The club scene there is super fun and they are also very welcoming. Tokyo is a dream destination of mine, I’ll definitely hit a edm club if I go.

You can find House Blend here:

Interview by: Brandon Allen

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