Artist Spotlight: Illuminize

Today we talk with Illuminize.

Hailing from Georgia, we were given the opportunity to speak with a Hardstyle producer on the rise, Illuminize. With over 20,000 streams on spotify and climbing, he is hitting the EDM scene with full force as only one of TWO people in the US signed to his label. He has a drive and passion for music as well as earning a degree to help make the world a better place, Omar Martinez gives us an exclusive.

 What got you get into EDM? 

Vine and my ex girlfriend. I saw a lot of soccer videos at the time and I always thought the edm drops in them were sick. My girlfriend at the time also was a huge edm fan, she loved hardstyle and drum n bass.

How would you describe your style of music?

I don’t necessarily have a style, I usually just make what I like whether it’s super happy or super aggressive.

What is one of your biggest accomplishments as a producer?

Getting to release on Scantraxx Recordz, one of the biggest hardstyle labels in the world.

You open for Gravedgr Friday 2/28 and make your first appearance at Believe Music Hall, how does that feel as an artist? What can the fans expect from your performance?

It feels amazing to play in my home state supporting such a great artist. Definitely looking forward to it! The crowd can expect something harder than my current music that I have out.

How is it juggling being in college full time and making music?

Tough. I try my best to find that perfect balance

What do you believe really drives you to make music?

Being able to release on a top level and receive credit for it.

Any news for your fans? Upcoming shows or releases?

New music is coming soon so be ready cause it’s definitely something different than my current stuff. I have 4 releases almost ready to release and 2 shows coming up that I can’t announce quite yet. Just keep an eye on my socials within the next coming weeks.

You can find Illuminze here:

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