Khaos Corporation

The “King of Khaos”, Mikey Hollingsworth, launches a new dance crew and consulting agency in Atlanta by the name of Khaos Corporation. For almost 10 years, Mikey has been working as a professional choreographer for many artists across EDM and Hip-Hop. Now, he’s partnered with Atlanta’s favorite rising star, Sydney Frisby, to help people build their skills and careers in performance dance. We got up close and personal with Mikey and Sydney, to find out what motivates this dancing duo, and what Khaos is in store…

(Taylor) Tell me a little bit about Khaos Corporation; What inspired you to start it & what are your goals?

(Mikey) I created a company, my second throw at it. I owned a company called mad house a long time ago and helped develop 8 different divisions that helps dancers and choreographers develop themselves to be able to book the house with cutting out the middleman. So from there, if you know what it was about taking your Madness from your life and be able to push it out there; now with chaos, I feel it’s about filling the void. I feel like there’s a void out there that needs to be filled and a situation needs to fill the void, especially the EDM industry. So I created the EDM Division. I have four divisions: EDM, hip-hop, kids, and developing. So with the developing we develop dancers and choreographers, people who want to be dancers and choreographers, so think Ground Zero. Then we help kids do the same thing, we also give them opportunities and gigs, and help them push the resumes and build it within 6 months to a year time span.

(Taylor) What does an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) look like for a dancer?

(Mikey) So for a dance artist, you have to have a head shot, a video reel, and any experienc, like a resume. The resume is a very simple template, with the title of your jobs, what was the job and who was the director or choreographer. That’s simple. It should list your height, name, weight, stage name, excetera, and your contact in the header. It’s that Simple. Other than that video real or should be at least a maximum 1 and a half minutes, and your headshot should be a good quality headshot from head to toe or from the belly button up.

(Taylor) Not that different from a music EPK.

(Mikey) Nope, not different at all.

(Taylor) Do you encourage people who don’t have any formal training to come audition for Khaos crew?

(Mikey) Yes, & that’s where our development department comes in 😛

(Taylor) All right, the smiley logo. Where did it come from, and what does it mean?

(Mikey) Okay so, the smiley logo is from a tattoo that I got about 8 years ago that’s on my left wrist and the smile is just a basically a giant F@#k YOU and it’s just a smile on my face putting the tongue out. The inspiration came from the movie Fight Club, when they were putting a smiley face all across the city causing chaos, and I feel like, you know, that inspiration to just let go like just keep it simple and let it go. That’s why the smiley face is the brand because we just smile through it. You got to laugh. You got to let it go and just keep it moving, and don’t have control over it.

(Taylor) Love it!

(Taylor) Mikey, you’ve worked with touring EDM acts, as well as major hip-hop artists, as a choreographer. What’s the most valuable lesson that you’ve learned on the road?

(Mikey) Shut up. Shut up.

(Sydney & Taylor) *Laughing hysterically*

(Taylor) Yeah, sometimes talking will block or ruin opportunities.

(Mikey) Haha the one thing I’ve learned over the last 20 years is, literally separate your personal from your business, like do not get emotional. It’s just business. It’s just dollars and cents. It’s just paperwork. Let it go. & that’s why with Khaos we’re teaching people to be able to let go. There’s no point. You don’t get booked? No big deal. You get fired from a job? No big deal. Your job is to prove yourself. It’s not who you know, it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove and if you can’t prove it don’t even bother with it.

(Taylor) That’s a lot different from the music industry, where it’s very much about what and who you know haha! Dance industry is a lot different, right?

(Mikey) Yes and no, it correlates with it. The Dance Industry is in the Music Industry. It doesn’t matter it can be dance, hip-hop, country, whatever, and I’ve worked with so many different artists in each thing. It’s literally it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove; you can’t get to know somebody and be able to use who you know, unless you have something to prove. Without having something to prove, you’re not going to know who to know.

(Taylor) Very True.

(Taylor) Sydney, you’ve been dancing and Performing for Iris Presents for five years. So you have a lot of experience running dance teams and gogo teams, and you’ve shared the stage with some of the biggest EDM acts in the world; What drove you to pursue a career in dance, and why specifically EDM?

(Sydney) So specifically, it actually takes me right back to this moment, i think its was Imagine Festival 2015, I just became an Iris Girl and they wanted some of the Iris Girls to dance on stage, KJ Sawka actually asked us specifically to dance on stage, and as soon as I got up on that speaker and looked into the crowd, i was like, “this is exactly what I’m meant to do it for the rest of my life.” And from that point on I was like, I’m meant to be a gogo dancer. This is what I want to do. I just kept dancing, and I’m proud to say that I’m pretty much self taught. I’ve taken a few lessons here and there but I’m the majority self taught and I’ve been going strong for 5 years.

(Taylor) It just comes naturally?

(Sydney) It does.

(Taylor) What’s one of the most memorable experiences dancing that you’ve had?

(Sydney) Oof. Probably dancing for Peekaboo was a big one. I don’t typically get nervous before I get on stage, but I definitely got pretty nervous when I got on stage with Peekaboo, and just the whole crowd, the energy that whole night was like, electric! You could just feel the energy from the crowd and I could feel it on stage, so that was definitely one of my favorite experiences.

(Taylor) What is the most valuable lesson, you’ve learned running teams of people, specifically dance teams?

(Sydney) To be approachable. I definitely don’t have an approachable face sometimes ha!

(Taylor) Me either ha!

*laughter ensues*

(Sydney) But yes, to be approachable and relatable. You want to be a manager, but you also want to be a friend to them… I’ve learned from other people managing me, that if your manager treats you like crap, then (the team) is not going to respect you. So you definitely want to be a friend, but also mean business.

(Taylor) Does Khaos crew have any big shows or gigs booked in the near future?

(Mikey) We’re keeping it under wraps right now. I haven’t even told my head members what’s going on yet.

(Taylor) Yeah, shut up, right? 

*laughter ensues*

(Mikey) Yeah shut up haha. That’s pretty much it on that end, I can only comment so much on it. But let’s just say there’s a lot of different companies that we are working with. and not just the EDM world, but also to help professional dance in EDM to expand.

(Taylor) Is there anything else you’d like us to know about Khaos Crew? 

(Mikey) We are still accepting more dancers, and we’re looking to find more dancers out there looking for a way to become a professional dancer, and not just EDM but in general… and we’re here and we’ve been here. Come through!

Check out our behind the scenes look at Khaos Corp in action!

Check out the 2019 Imagine Music Festival x Khaos Corp Recap Video

Find Khaos Corp on social media:

Instagram @khaoscorp

Facebook @thekhaoscorp 

For auditions & inquiries, contact Mikey

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