Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As of 9am on Saturday March 21, 2020 there have been 485 confirmed cases of COVID-19/Coronavirus, and among those 14 have resulted in death in the State of Georgia. Many non essential businesses have made the decision to close and others have begun to work from home. Sadly, our coronavirus numbers are going to be increasing every day with more test kits arriving to the US in the coming week, Georgia’s numbers have doubled in just the matter of days. Schools are closing for the summer, colleges are postponing graduations, curfews and public gathering limitations have all been set in place; most lasting for the entire month of March and into April.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, which honestly may be a good place to be at this time, you’ll see that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been taking the world and our country by storm. Our country is shutting down left and right. States like Illinois and California have ordered mandatory self quarantines, others have already forced closures of non-essential businesses causing thousands to be without work and pay, which has even resulted in Americans being laid off. Our grocery stores are empty because people are panic buying, medical professionals are doing double overtime, schools and childcare facilities are closing down causing financial strain on families, and the list goes on and on. We live in a generation of, “it’s not that serious”, when it’s in fact, VERY SERIOUS. The CDC has warned Americans, and the rest of the world, that this virus IS serious, it IS deadly, and ANYONE is at risk to catch it and carry it on to another person.

There are SEVERAL things you can be doing to flatten the curve and spread of Corona Virus:

1. Wash your hands!!

  • I don’t mean like normal, be excessive and keep lotion on hand to combat the dry skin. Anytime you touch your face, go outside, go to the store, or basically do anything… wash your freaking hands!

2. Practice Social Distancing

  • Yes, it’s sucks. Yes, we are all bored. Yes, we don’t want to listen to when the government tells us to do something, but this is ESSENTIAL to stop the spread of Corona! Stay away from large groups, the White House has suggested nothing larger than 10 people, but really stay away from people as much as you can.

3. Stock up on supplies BUT DON’T PANIC BUY!!

  • Keep in mind, you should be stocking up on groceries and items for your home for at least 2 weeks in case you are infected, but you don’t need to go buy 60 rolls of toilet paper! Our entire community is being effected by this too, so take what you NEED, logically, and leave the rest for others.

4. Keep yourself informed with the latest news and updated information.

  • It’s important to be in the know with what’s going on with this virus. Watch the news, follow the CDC website, and just pay attention so you can avoid areas with outbreaks, find open stores, and so on. Don’t just trust Sally from Facebooks conspiracy articles she keeps sharing – educate yourself responsibly!!


  • You’re bored, I’m bored, we’re all bored… trust me, we get it. This is necessary. We have to stay home. We have to stay away from each other. It is the ONLY WAY to slow this thing down. If you don’t HAVE TO BE out and about, THEN DON’T!!!

The EDM scene, like many other music scenes, is taking a MASSIVE hit during this pandemic. Festivals are being cancelled and moved to later dates, tours are being cancelled left and right, shows are being forced to be cancelled or rescheduled, club and venue workers are out of jobs for who knows how long, and the fate for so many people in the industry, is truly unknown.

This is a time for us, as a community, to come together. This is a time where we should be lifting each other up, and helping each other in anyways we can.

How YOU can help:

1. Shop local

  • In times like these, small businesses take the hardest hits. Shop local grocery stores and farmers markets. Shop local boutiques and online stores. If you’re going to spend money spend it within your community

2. Purchase artist music

  • We live in a world where you can search for music online and download it free, create a free SoundCloud or Spotify account and stream it free, but I encourage you to purchase albums from stores or online! Don’t download free music! These artist need our help in areas where we can.

3. Buy artist merchandise

  • This is something that will greatly benefit artist, whether it be local or “big” supporting them by buying merchandise they sell will help them stay afloat during this time.

4. Stream artist music

  • It’s as simple as it sounds, stream their music! They get paid for plays!

5. Promote their art

  • Share music, art, and whatever across your pages and with friends and family! Little shares go a LOONG way!

6. Watch live-streams

  • Many artist are going live to share their music with you while you’re stuck at home! Watch it! Share it! Encourage it!! And for those of you who want something to do on your Saturday nights, Iris Presents is bringing you IrisTV live from Believe Music Hall with live-streams where you can watch from your living room and be able to chat with your friends too! For more information make sure you join the Atlanta Family (EDM) Facebook group page or text “IRISTV” to 833-410-0358
  • Click here to RSVP to Saturday March 21st live-stream of IRISTV presented by Iris Presents

7. Practice Social Distancing

  • It sucks, we know. We miss our community too! But the best thing we can all do for each other, is to stay the hell away from each other until this threat passes

This is a trying time for all of us, but it is also a time for us to come together. Be kind to your neighbor, be sympathetic towards your community!! Stay healthy, keep yourself moving, and just remember this too shall pass and we’re in for an epic summer ahead!

Image from: Imagine Music Festival

If you need something to do or some tunes to vibe too, we here at Atlanta Family EDM have curated a playlist with over 18 hours of music from your favorite local and big name talent! Enjoy 😊

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