Artist Spotlight: Sushi Mane

Today we speak with Sushi Mane, which  is a collaborative project between the minds of Jordan Austin and Nathan Sengkhammee. The duo came to fruition back in 2016 and has been slowly but surely paving their way into the underground bass scene. Sushi Mane’s goal is to bring a very fresh take on the “Free-Form Bass” genre with heavy influences from Tipper, G Jones, and Bleep Bloop for their raw creativity and distinctive sound; its safe to say Sushi has conjured up their own style..

The name Sushi Mane is a nice play on words, how’d you come up with it? 

So I actually gotta give a shoutout to our friend Pepe here, at Aura music fest 2016 we were all hanging at the campsite just talking ideas and he was like “bro, I got it…. Sushi. Mane.” .. due to the fact we used to listen to absurd amounts of Gucci mane in high school and that me and Nate are both Asian, it just fit WAY too well haha.

Why did you two decide to become a duo Instead of pursuing solo carers?

Me and Nate have been best friends for a while now and Nate introduced me to DJ’ing at the end of my senior year of high school (2013) and after he purchased his first board we would always mix together (we were really bad at the time) but we created a ton of chemistry while mixing. We understood each others styles so much that mixing together was seamless. And in the midst of all this we dove into the production world and knew that we wanted to do this together.

What are the advantages, and disadvantages of being a duo? 

Advantages- For production, since we have 2 sets of ears, one person might hear something the other person didn’t notice or vice versa. For dj’ing, We have 2 separate libraries of music to choose from which means unlimited bangers. I should also note that when we play shows, depending on the show, we almost never even talk about what we are gonna play. Nate will download and prepare music and I’ll do the same, completely separate. Its 1000% more fun to freestyle mix and we’ve done it so long that we just feed off each others energy. The only times we prep a set together is if we plan to do an all OG set.

Disadvantages- Nate always has THE most underground bangers that I won’t even know about until we’re in the middle of a mix lol. But for real, there isn’t much disadvantages here (in my eyes) The only thing I can even think of is that as a duo, we get paid the same as a solo artist but have to split all our profits. Which isn’t even close to a big deal for us, we create out of the pure love we have for music, if getting rich was my main goal then I’m not in this for the right reason.

What traits would you say someone needs to be successful in this field? 

In this economy, I’d say you need persistency, drive, actual goals, and compassion. When we started, we had barely any musical background or production knowledge and it was super frustrating (I actually quit producing for a while like 3 years ago and thought I was done). But we kept pushing and learning. You’re gonna make bad music before you can make good music, and I’m my biggest critic and am no where near the level I want to reach. And that’s what pushes me to keep creating.

If given the opportunity would you guys work on a project with Gucci Mane? 

100000%. That would be the most incredible experience to get Gucci rapping on an “experimental” bass track. If we could even get him to say “Sushi Mane” on a recording, that would be our biggest flex.

Any news you’ll like to share with fans?

So we’ve been quiet since the start of 2020, for good purpose. We’re currently sitting on the most music we’ve ever had unreleased as well as some of our best productions. The next project coming out is going to be a 40 minute all original/unreleased mix. Its gonna consist of a lot of “older” tracks that we’ve had sitting around that, at this point, we don’t want to release but still want people to hear. As well as a handful of more recent things. 

You can expect an EP or 3 and a bunch of singles to come out throughout the year. Including a collab EP with our homie Jables. I also wanna give a big shout out to the G-Wub Collective, the gang of producers they have is gonna make huge waves in the bass scene. They have helped us grow exponentially and is really the first artist community we’ve been apart of. I’d wanna promote some shows coming up but as we all know, its quarantine season and everything in the foreseeable future has been postponed. So everybody stay safe and find a hobby to keep you busy!

You can find Sushi Mane here:

Interview by: Brandon Allen

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