Women Of EDM

In celebration of all the badass women in the world, we’ve curated a girl powerful playlist 💁‍♀️

March was Women’s History Month, people all across America stood strong with one another to fight for our rights, commemorated badass boss babes that paved the way before us, and supported each other’s crafts, dreams, businesses, & ambitions.

We say “Our Rights” and “We” because here at Atlanta Family EDM, our staff is primarily wonderful women, and we stand united with women of our community. The Atlanta EDM scene, as a whole, is far from a man’s world; we are the glue that holds it all together, and we need to work together and support each other as much as possible!


We’d like to take a moment to uplift and celebrate our own team, as well as all the boss babes in our scene and our city…

THANK YOU for ALL that YOU DO to keep our community thriving!

Now here’s a cute slideshow of some of the AMAZING women in our local scene making waves and moves!

We couldn’t tag everyone, and there are SO many more women in our community worth praising… so if you’re not on here, we want you to know we celebrate you too! Thank you!

Now listen to these bomb tracks by other badass Women of EDM!

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