White Rhino

Today we Talk with White Rhino

White Rhino, AKA Jonathan Corona has made a name for himself in the Atlanta EDM community for over 8 years now. He’s been on the come up with the scene from our days in Quad to bringing SHIVERZ to Atlanta in 2019. Today we talk about his musical career, accomplishments, goals, and more! Don’t worry, all social distancing precautions were taken during this interview, and the only thing you’ll catch from this Corona is a good time. 

Tell us a Little about yourself?

So I grew up a fucking screwup, but nonetheless from Georgia and lived here pretty much my whole life. I have an amazingly beautiful fiance whom I couldn’t live without and got a badass chocolate lab named Gypsy, 2 chameleons and a bitch ass mean ass cat named tank. 

When did you start making music?

 So I guess I will start with the beginning, as a kid I would pull out pots and pans and bang on them and make beats with pencils in highschool as people would attempt to rap. I played the trumpet, violin and got into a snare drum before my mom went insane.  I started DJing and making music back in college around 2010-2011 with throwing “raves” at college bars so I could be booked to play stuff other than top 40 and country.  From there after graduating at Ga Southern in Statesboro I moved back to ATL and began to work!

Good ol’ GA Southern Raves. 

How would you describe your style? 

Deep dark and full of riddim. I remember playing riddim back in 2013 packed main rooms at Quad and it cleared the room, now full festivals are devoted to it. 

Shits wild.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? 

So I guess this is a hard question to answer. 

A simple answer- Queen or Metallica. Complex answer- depends on the mood and day. I love Mac Miller. He has really inspired a lot of things in my life, it could be the Doors, Key Glock, Frank Sinatra or anyone.  Music is amazing and is so great.

What is one of your most memorable performances in Atlanta? 

Man, currently I’d say opening for Murda was awesome. I got to play for 2 hours and some of the best footage and memories I’ve had yet came from that show.  It was just one of those shows that everything just flows, transitions, energy of the crowd…all of it just is electric. I actually downloaded half the songs played like 2 hours before playing and it was just as enjoyable for me as it was the crowx. Just simply great.

You recently brought out SHIVERZ to Atlanta, what was that experience like? 

Magical.   Just magical.  He is an OG in riddim music. I touched on it before but I remember playing AD and other Monsters members as I first started and it being such a big deal now it’s great to bring the real ogs to Atlanta. We deserve the best being the best music city.

Do you plan on bringing any other DJ’s to our city?

A few are in work, it’s hard as we have to work dates out with visas, cost etc.  We need more turnout like that night- but bigger each time for this to continue.  Less people asking for guestlist and more people supporting true underground shows. It started with my firs Rhino Liar and has really turned to what I have set it out to be, underground showcase for riddim and weird bass music. So when we announce the next date please come support and let’s pack out Wish Lounge once more! 

I can agree with that! We love a packed WISH Lounge at Believe!

What was the first venue you performed at in Atlanta? 

Either Connect or Quad… O man those days were nuts.

I try often to forget my baby raver stage, Quad was where it all started for me. 

When was your first show in Atlanta? 

I believe it was june of 2013

How do you feel the culture of EDM has changed in the last 10 years? 

Man, sometimes I think back and look at who I’ve seen grow from nothing to god tier level producers that it’s a lot like EDM. It went from just partys on weekends to full on CULTURE. There are businesses devoted to it making millions..DJs and producers making millions. It’s a new and exciting environment and I’m so happy where we are.

If you could share the stage with any DJ, living or dead, who would it be? 

Could it be an Artist?


 Biggie! He is who I strive to hit. His hustle and ambition.  I have paintings of him in my studio. DJ wise… I’d like to go B2b with Murda or AD.

What is something you feel all DJs should be doing in order to help our community grow? 

Promoting.  Too many people act like they are above it and I’ll never understand how they think if they aren’t even excited enough to promote their show why would anyone else be?

What advice would you give to up and coming artist? 

Hpntk told me one day that I should never play music for others and that I should only play music I like. The reason being is that it makes it more real. Anyone can hit play but it takes passion and drive for it to be felt and be real. So always play music for yourself and the crowd will follow. #allcrunknobunk

Any news for the fans,upcoming releases or shows? 

Got a few tunes in the works. A few collabs, maybe a Perma-Trip x Rhino EP.


Which series would you binge first, Avengers or Star Wars? 

Oop. Star wars, always, but man I’d love to talk to RDJ for just an hour

If you had to pick a place to live without the internet for 6 months, where would it be? 

Costa Rican jungle. With my beautiful fiance and dog. Its a legit dream of mine

Wings or pizza? 

Opps. How about all Flats hot, and Pineapple belongs on Pizza.

Yes it does, worldwide debate settled. 

Booking Info: whiterhinobooking@gmail.com

You can find White Rhino Here:

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