The Absence Network

Breaking news: The Absence Network, formerly known as The Khaos Crew, is rebranding and adding 3 new divisions to their company. We spoke to Mikey Hollingsworth, owner operator of Absence Network, to get an idea of what this rebrand holds for the company.

“The company objectives and mission are still the same,” Hollingsworth says, “we’re just changing the name, and adding more divisions.”

The hybrid dance/ consulting company already hosts 4 divisions, including kids, EDM, hip-hop, and consulting; now, there will be technical, krumping, and jam skating divisions additionally.

Prior to the COVID19 pandemic, the dance company was hosting many affordable classes and offering invaluable resources to the dance community in Atlanta.

When asked about the pandemic and the company’s response to the public health crisis, Hollingsworth responded, “We take the health and safety of our students very seriously, and therefore will not be opening our doors for classes until it is deemed safe and the state of emergency is over.” However, the company is still virtually running the consulting department.

The Absence Network is encouraging it’s members to stay active on social media and create content, like dance videos, in order to keep their skills sharp.

“We’re telling all of our students to take advantage of this time…don’t wait, create.”

Mikey Hollingsworth

For more information on the company and how to join the Absence Network, visit their social media @theabsencenetworkxco

Check out our behind the scenes look at The Absence Network in action!

Check out the 2019 Imagine Music Festival x Khaos Corp Recap Video

Find The Absence Company on social media:

Instagram @theabsencecompany

Facebook @thekhaoscorp 

For auditions & inquiries, contact Mikey

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