Teriyaki Noize

Today we speak with Teriyaki Noize 

A duo making waves in the city with a unique style and sound, the Teryiaki Noize boys gave us an exclusive interview talking about their history, present, and future in the Atlanta EDM Scene. 

So tell us a little about you two?

J: I’m Jurgen, originally from the Republic of the Philippines. Been producing electronic music for around 7 years now – 5 of those with Thuc. I went to my 1st rave at Kingdom Rave 7.5 and haven’t looked back since.

T: Yooo, I’m Thuc. I was born and raised in GA. I love sports and good food. I don’t  have a musical background but I’ve always felt that music was what moved me the most and started DJing when I got into college and started producing sooner after that.

When did you decide to form a duo?

We played our 1st set together November 2014 @ QUAD Bassment, just as a fun b2b. We played 2-3 more shows together after that before we decided to be a duo… It just made sense at that point. 

Those were the days.. I often miss the 2011-2015 rave scene 

What was the inspiration for the name, Teriyaki Noize?

It’s a play from the Tokyo Drift theme song by Teriyaki Boyz.

What made you want to get into EDM? Is there a specific song or producer who really inspired you?

J: I was DJing a college party and a friend of mine requested Skrillex – that was my 1st time hearing “EDM”. It didn’t make sense to me at first until I saw a video of Wobbleland 2012 on YouTube. It shook my perception of the genre and it was all downhill from there.

T: I got into EDM at an early age because my brothers used to listen to a lot of Trance, Breaks and Techno. I got pulled back into it heavily when I went to see Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, & Cookie Monsta after high school graduation. Someone that also had a big influence on me was HXV, I found his Run The Trap EP back in the day and got sucked into it because I never heard Trap music mesh with EDM like that before and it was like a breath of fresh air. I went to catch his show at Union EAV with one of my friends back in the day and the rest is history. 

How would you describe your sound? What makes it different from others?

We have our roots in Housemuzik, but it’s rare for our songs and live sets to be “just House”. We take elements from Breaks, Garage, Techno, Trap/Hip-Hop, etc. and we make our secret sauce with it.

What is your favorite venue to play in Atlanta? Why?

Ravine & District, for sure. We love the intimate vibe at Ravine and their stage production is nuts. District Atlanta always has good vibes. The crowd interaction at these places are amazing and the venues are perfect whether you’re there to dance/socialize/network/just lounge around and enjoy the music.

Do you have a song you’ve created that is your favorite or one that makes you the most proud?

J: My personal favorite is our re-fry of Dirty South’s “Next To You”. We’ve made and are still making club tracks, but it’s the vibey tracks like that one that stick with me.

T: Honestly I’m pretty proud of our Dungeon House EP as a whole because it does a great job on portraying the sounds we are going for. As for a favorite track, It’s still sitting in our list of songs to finish lol but we do have a lot of dope tracks coming soon so be on the lookout for them! 

We will be watching and waiting for these new tracks, don’t you worry!

How do you feel the culture is evolving in Atlanta?

We’re getting less and less rave culture, and more and more club/festival culture. While clubs/festies generate more money to keep the scene going, the PLUR and the rave vibe are cornerstones of the culture. Both cultures are needed if we want a booming scene.

What is one memory involving music that stands out to you the most?

Moonshine 2015 – shoutout Brian French! It was just one big homie-fest. Too much fun that can’t be described in a paragraph.

Moonshine 2015 was wild, one of my favorite memories. 

Where do you prefer to play, a concert hall, club, or festival? Why?

A warehouse. Classic rave vibe bro, you like acid?

Ha, can’t say that I do, but I feel the vibes. 

What is your drive for making music?

T: My inspiration for music is definitely my peers, we have some talented friends that pursue their art with great passion and to see them thriving and helping them push forward really pushes me to get better with our overall production and what we bring to the table with our project. We have big dreams of where we want to take it and having people that will give you constructive criticism when you need it or not is very helpful.

J: The C drive – where all my samples are stored.

A lot of artists, like Getter for example, catch a lot slack for switching up their sound. As artists, how does hearing things like that impact the music you create?

We gave some thought on it back when we started, but it doesn’t really impact us now.

What do you have to say to people who think you should remain in one category of music?

Don’t listen to any of our music

What is one piece of advice you wish you were given at the beginning of your career that other up and comers should know?

Focus on production as early as you can, the shows will come later. 

Any news for your fans? Upcoming releases or shows?

More mfkn music – House and not House. We’re wrapping up a 2-track EP right now, and we have a bass-centered side project with our homie Shawn Wong that will be coming to light pretty soon.

That’s amazing! Can’t wait to hear it!

If you had the opportunity to curate a line-up with your favorite local ATL talent and beyond, what 6 artists would you choose?

Last time we curated a lineup, it was for our Dungeon House show at Quad ’15. If we made a 2020 version of that with 6 ATL-based producers, you’d most likely hear sounds from Shawn Wong, Kevin Flum/DRINKURWATER, HXV, Sunday Service, Mike’s Revenge, and COFFIN.

Ah, good ol’ QUAD.. but a lineup like that makes me want to help make it a real show. 

Who do you personally feel is making big waves in the ATL Music scene, from any genre?

From seeing how people play their cards, the people making the biggest waves right now locally would be Zubah, JuJu Beats, DRINKURWATER, COFFIN, and Salty. These guys have been working consistently throughout and it’s been amazing to see their progress.

All great artists!

It’s an off day, what can we find you two doing?

We each have our own way of enjoying a day off, but 9x/10 you’d probably still catch us on Ableton on an off day. 

Dragonball Z or Pokemon?


EDC or Lost Lands?


You’re stranded on an island for 30 days, which survival item are you grabbing for each other?

Rice and unlimited taro milk tea. With the boba.

Credit: Beware Presents

You can find Teriyaki Noize here:

We really appreciate ya’ll taking the time to interview with us, but now I wanna put a little focus on Thuc.. We heard you’ve started a business and want to shout that out. 

So Thuc, tell us about your new business?

So me and one of my best friends have been working together in the food industry for a couple years now but he decided to take the food truck route this year and we opened up in February because we really wanted to have our own creative outlet on what foods we push, striving to bring creative and delicious concepts to peoples’ mouths.

What kind of foods do you serve?

I would call it International street food. My boy Allan and his family have a South African background and I’m Vietnamese so we’ve tried to infuse our cultures as well as bringing in some American culture to get the right blend for everything.


Does baked kitchen have any plans to be at festivals or shows once they return?

For sure! We had a festival lined up this year already and was hoping for a few more to come before the Virus hit but once everything gets back in motion, you can definitely find us at a venue or festival near you!

You can find Baked Kitchen Here:


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