Artist Spotlight: Smorz

Today we were given the opportunity to speak with Ryan Spicer AKA Smorz. He’s from the small town of Sykesville in Maryland, but had since been adopted by the Atlanta EDM scene. He creates and produces all sorts of genres from riddim bangers to your favorite beach tunes. Smorz want to bring positive vibes to the city and he’s excited to network and bring his sound to the stages near you.

The name Smorz is a unique one, how’d you come up with it?  

Honestly, I wanted to have a name that didn’t focus on one genre. Most people think the idea came from Marshmello but I look at each layer of a Smorz as a personality of Ryan. Sometimes I want to create bangers like the song I have releasing the 25th of this month (March) on the Be Happy label, “Atlanta” with the family Era and MagMag. Other times I want to create beach happy vibe music like the song I released with Opsimyth “Nui Vibes” also through Be Happy.

What sparked your interest in becoming a DJ/producer? 

The energy you can bring into people lives. Music has a special place in the world, no matter the situation a certain song can make someone smile or bring back a positive memory. I want my music / live sets to be those moments people talk about when they get older. 

S’mores have so many layers and thus a nice blend of taste. Taking on the name Smorz do you see yourself being a multi genre artist? 

That’s one of the main reasons I chose the name Smorz over Spicy Wubs. When I heard the name Spicy Wubs I expected Riddim bangers but with Smorz I feel like I can create music for all genres. I have mainly released electronic songs but I do anticipate releasing a pop song soon.

Who are your biggest inspirations In life, that push you to work on your craft each day? 

My biggest inspiration in life is my son, it’s amazing the things having a child will open your eyes too. I can remember when I asked my son to do a vocal shout for the “Sounds of Campfire” vol. 1 mix and to see his eyes light up that he was going to be apart of Smorz made me realize this could be a generation thing. Musically Dirt Monkey was my first love, his song “in the Mood” opened my eyes to this world. So I inspire to inspire others to take a hobby into a lifestyle. 

What would say are the key ingredients to gaining traction and building a fan base? 

First off, a huge shout to my fam base. It’s been insane the support I received since day one, Like Foreign Whispers days! The main idea behind keeping the fan base is being honest with them. When you announce a release, release it. Interact with everyone and don’t allow negative aspects entertain your brand. 

Has the idea to give out smores at shows ever crossed your mind? 

One of the main themes behind a Smorz tour is to have fire pits that are available for everyone in a safe manor! Like how Six Flags has this year. I mean who doesn’t have munchies at a show hahaha.

Any news you’ll like to share with fans, anything you’d like to plug or anyone you want to shout-out?

I want to shout out everyone who supports the Smorz movement! I’d also like to say that I have officially moved to the city, set up my studio, and sent all my collab stems out. I’m going to continue to release a song every month this year but I have shows and remix competitions in the work! Thank you for the constant support but ATL I’m coming for you!

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Interview by Brandon Allen

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