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Today we talk with Projects to Mansions

Multi genre EDM rap group Projects to Mansions (PTM), the team consist of the talented Big Steele, 7figure, lil Mas, Mr Dorsey, and KEO. PTM has been making waves in the industry since their conception, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. They’re a explosive 5 man powerhouse that is a household name in the Atlanta EDM scene. In today’s exclusive interview the team sheds some light on what makes them stand out, and future plans amid the covid-19 pandemic.

What’s the story behind your group’s rags to riches-esque name?

It’s memorable, meaningful, eye catching, and it’s the message behind everything we do. 

Alen: From personal experience seeing you guys grow from the time I met you guys to now I can definitely say that projects to mansions has left their foot prints in the scene. 

Can you tell me a little about the project to Mansions movement? 

We provide solutions or opportunities for those who partner or support us. We are taking people from Projects (their current situation) and showing them how to get to the Mansions (their desired situation). Whether that is having a fun time at a party, performance, listening to a track to help them through the day, or needing help to achieve their life goals. “We are taking people from Projects To Mansions.”

Alen: PTM has a great structure on teaching artists how to create their brand and how to market themselves weather its acting, photography, music, small business etc etc.

Brandon: I support the movement, show me the way to the Mansions

Growing up did rap/trap play a big role in your lifes?

Big – Not starting out but slowing growing into my choice of music over time

Mr. Dorsey – Yes. I’m diverse with music, but rap/trap has been my main choice growing up

Mas – Yes, I grew up listening to it ever since I was a kid, but as of recently I haven’t really been listening to much of it in the last 2 years.  

KEO – Yes. I did grow up listening to different genres, but I was mainly around people who listened to primarily rap music. My uncle was signed to a lable in the industry, so I got to be around it first hand a lot of times.

7 figure – Yes, but actually all music did. I lived an extremely hard lifestyle growing up, dealing with bullying, physical abuse & being extremely poor. Music helped me with a lot of those painful moments out there. Noteable A Tribe Called Quest , Kiss and random video game soundtracks. 

Alen: With rap/trap being a genre that has influenced you guys I see where Edm Rap has become one of the genres you guys love to create, release and perform. 

What makes you guys work so well as a group? 

Business mindset to achieve our overall goals

Alen: from what I’ve seen each member holds a key to the puzzle and the way you guys come together to accomplish things is phenomenal.

Brandon: well said!

What’s the better anime, Dragon ball Z or Naruto, and why? 

Big – Dragon Ball Z, only because I grew up on it

Mr. Dorsey – Dragon Ball Z because I grew up on it and never watched Naruto

Mas- Yu-Gi-Oh, fight me. Lol I never really got into Naruto or DragonBall.

KEO – Naruto, because you really do become emotionally connected to characters you can relate with & the story line is so intricate that literally every episode counts!

7 figure – Naruto, its way way better than dragon ball fan, even though Goku was one of my biggest role models growing up the storyline failed in comparison to naruto. In Naruto, anybody can die and it’s more of a how you use your power vs main characters have the strongest power automatically. Its more realistic to real battles. 

Alen: i can agree with all of you because both animes are great for their story lines and the concept of overcoming obstacles in life weather its yourself your enemy or just anything that tries to break you. These 2 animes have taught kids and adults to become stronger individuals. 

Brandon: I respect your answer Mas but I’m with Seven and Keo on this one, Naurto all the way 

When are you guys going to host a giant locals show like Atloc, but in a mansion?

We have plans for many events just not exact dates to excute them. Stay tuned.

Alen: When hosting one big party at a mansion, all I can say is be prepared to play some wild drinking games with 7, k.e.o, and Mr. Dorsey. Also be prepared to make some wild tiktoks with the group. Also bring a neck brace because I know Mas always has some fire loaded on the decks.  

Brandon: I’ll definitely being making it to those events, I can’t wait!

How did every member come to be a part of ProjectsToMansions? 

7Figure and Mr Dorsey started out as business partners which started the Projects To Mansions movement, occasionally working with KEO. Later on, Big came into play bringing the major music movement. It started out just being for fun, but then became a serious venture once they realized the potential and resources. 

Mas – Met most the other members at a party and just began a friendship with them, Big and 7 knew I had a passion for music, whether it was sharing the newest songs or just exploring all different types of genres, and they suggested I learn to DJ, and from there I did.

Alen: It’s insane how people cross paths and build things together. When it continues, you grow as years pass you know for a fact that things are playing out correctly. 

If you guys had the ability to obtain a super power what would it be?

Big – Healing/invincibility. 

Mr. Dorsey – Teleport

Mas – Time travel

KEO – If I could have any one super power it would be Mind Control

7 Figure – The power to do anything that my will wants, without having to think about it 

Alen atl fam writers: With every answer you guys gave, it sounds like you might need personal infinity gauntlets.   

Brandon – Can’t go wrong with any of those powers

What piece of advice would you guys give that would be beneficial to new artists?

Network  Network Network

Alen: Networking is always the best way to grow, especially when you are starting out.
You’ll learn that interacting with people will be the key to learning and sharing information. With this said you’ll also build social contacts.   

What’s next for ProjectsToMansions?

We have a major project that is in the works, hopefully for the summer. More info coming on that soon. 

Alen: From the first few shows that I have attended, it is definitely filled with great energy. There is never a dull moment when you guys perform with nonstop energy flowing from the stage to the crowd. Paradigm Shift your latest release is a perfect example of all the great work and energy you guys put out. We cannot wait to hear more information about the team’s upcoming shows and releases.

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Photo by: Adam Oliver
Photo by: Adam Oliver
Photo by: Adam Oliver

Interview by Brandon and Alen

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