The potent producer/DJ duo Mantis, consisting of members Taylor Scott and Paul Ollinger, have been in the Atlanta EDM music industry for nearly a decade. Mantis has often been credited with pioneering the union of metal and dubstep music. Here at Atlanta Family EDM, this heavy, pungent, ATL-repping duo allow us to dive deeper into who they are as a group- and how they make their magic happen. Interview by: Ana

Laser Assassins

Masked madmen, Laser Assassins (LA), talk about what inspires them and their favorite things about performing. With secret collabs and new releases in the works, LA is on the rise in 2020. Catch them LIVE in Atlanta 2/15/2020 at Believe Music Hall! What is your creative process like, in regards to producing music?  Well there … Continue reading Laser Assassins


Uk’s heavy weight chop genius DJ Shiverz graced Atlanta with his Shut Down and Shell Tour on January 18th at the Wish Lounge, at Believe Music Hall. After giving a group of ATL’s finest one of the most influencing pep talks in the greenroom, Shiverz absolutely murdered the crowd, giving us one of the heaviest and intimate riddim and dubstep experiences in a long, long time. Interview by: Liz Taylor Castro